Should organizations hire action sports athletes?

What does research say about their personality

Recently I updated my resume to find the next challenge in my career and came across a presentation I staged a few years ago. Being a Digital (Marketing) Savvy and action sports athlete I researched about Marketing and Action Sports: “The attraction of action sports and why brands are active in that market”.

A slide that caught my eye was about the characteristics of action sport athletes. To avoid confusion, an action sports athlete is not one of those who are cycle racing once a week try to lose his/her belly fat, but an athlete is someone who practices one or more action sports a couple of times a week.

Throughout my career, I noticed that (people) managers I worked with best, where those that where action sports athletes having those specific characteristics. They manage people well, know what they want, have a vision, take decisions, are solution driven and take full responsibility. Preferably every company employs people – at all levels – with that traits.

How an athlete works

First of all, an entrepreneurial mind-set is key. He watches the talented, remembers the best practices of others, listens, trains, goes out of his comfort-zone, reflects, evaluates, decides, takes action, learns and becomes a master in his field. This is how exactly I developed my talents and skills as a digital professional and action sports athlete.

How do these traits translates into my professional career?

I’ve worn many hats in my career; IT security consultant, e-business consultant, (project) manager, writer, marketing specialist and digital strategist. Within these roles I successfully used my ability to ‘cut the crap’ and made digital (transformations) effective and not unnecessarily complex.

In my various digital roles I worked at leading companies in finance, FMCG, technology and retail. Subsequently I have the uncommon competence to manage multi-disciplinary (digital) projects pragmatically, mainly between IT, business and marketing, at multinationals and start-ups.

As founder of, I manage this successful online outdoor- and action sports magazine, with a distinct online community, since 2004. GearLimits is an authority in the field of gear reviews, inspiring to an active lifestyle by giving trustworthy, independent information, stories and reviews about outdoor & action sports, equipment, apparel, footwear and wannahaves. Besides the online magazine we offer clients our platform for introducing new or renewed products/gear, with focus on brand engagement, storytelling and social media in outdoor & action sports.

What is my added value for you or your company?

  • Transforming your business into digital as a Digital Executive (e.g. CDO, CMO, Digital Manager etc.)
  • Attracting people with the described traits for your company from my network
  • Advising and executing how to adapt action sports for your brand engaging more customers

Just give me a call (+31 6 811 078 50) or send me an email, so we can discuss this over a cup of coffee.

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dec, 19, 2016